VIP Finnish Culture tour

Step into our VIP Culture tour taken place around Tampere Lakeland. The theme-based days offer you authentic experiences and different characteristics of Finnish culture. Immerse yourself into Finnish way of life. Walk through the charming story of Tampere. Discover the city’s “hidden treasures”. Enjoy the Finnish cuisine and Finnish design. Interact with locals and get an inside look into Finnish culture. Our wide selection of activities is designed with care and tailored for your convenience.

Day in Nature

  • Start the nature day by learning ‘Nordic walking’ – a popular sports innovated by Finnish.

  • Take a journey deeper into beautiful forests, pick berries and enjoy a lunch by a camping fire.

  • Have a traditional lakeside party with fishing activities and Finnish Sauna.

Day of Finland 100

  • Experience time travel inside the old worker’s houses at Amuri.

  • Walk through the fascinating history of Tampere in the city centre.

  • Discover art exhibitions by the lake and enjoy a funny story about the “safe haven” of Finland’s former president.

Day of Classic Sightseeing

  • Discover the traditional area of Pispala-hill and its beautiful wooden houses and narrow streets and the nature under your eyes.

  • Climb to a tower on the highest esker in Finland with panoramic views and enjoy the best donuts in town.

  • Visit the local market hall, Central Square and other local favourites and enjoy an authentic Finnish home dinner.

Day of Art & Traditions

  • Hop aboard on the oldest operating passenger steam boat in the world and enjoy the Lakeland views that has inspired many Finnish artists.

  • Experience the countryside of Finland with an introduction to farmer’s everyday life in a heritage farm.

  • Find beauty and silence in the traditional Finnish wooden church.

Day of Finnish Delicacy

  • Do a journey between organic farms with their own local products.

  • Meet a cheese maker and enjoy the sceneries of strawberry- and berry fields.

  • Eat traditional Finnish style Scandinavian brunch.

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